Trusts & Foundations

Put your Trust in Rainforest Foundation UK, and help us build a strong Foundation for rainforest communities

Charitable Trusts and Foundations are crucial to our work. Together, we can make a real difference to the lives of indigenous and traditional communities and the forests they inhabit.  

What RFUK and Trusts and Foundations have achieved together: 

Spend breakdown

Through our Mapping for Rights project, we have contributed to creation of geospatial databases, supporting hundreds of forest communities across the Congo Basin to produce maps of their lands and resources, which has in turn facilitated the growth of community forestry, and a whole line of work within RFUK to support it.

We have strengthened forest oversight in native communities through our monitoring tool ForestLink – a low-cost, bespoke, real-time monitoring technology developed by RFUK and our Cameroonian partner FODER. This innovative technology facilitates the collection and sending of alerts of illegal activity in the forest, connecting forest communities with local authorities and ensuring remote communication and rapid response.

Aided investigations into human rights abuses in and around national parks, helping to uncover many local concerns and troubling accounts of mounting and likely future conflict and abuses.

If you would like to help us build a society where indigenous and traditional populations of the worlds’ rainforests are able to fulfil their rights to land, life and livelihood, please get in touch.